All new BookMyShow Superstar

Kedar Nimkar
4 min readOct 4, 2021

At BookMyShow, we help our users step out and have fun. And each day is a privilege to serve our millions of users in a better ways.

As a small gesture to express our gratitude and give back to our most loyal users, we have re-launched BookMyShow Superstar program. This post is to highlight 2 things. Who is a Superstar? Few design nuances and our learnings while building this.

A quick background

Superstar as a concept existed in BookMyShow since 2015. In fact, we did some crazy things with our Superstars like flying them in a chopper to getting them on a yacht party. Overall, it was and still remains fresh and vivid in our memories

So, what is a Superstar Program?

With a sudden rise of subscription-based models in India, few believe they are here to stay, while few are contesting loyalty of consumers it will generate. We at BookMyShow took a simpler route. “Thank” the customers who have stayed loyal to us since 2006.

‘Superstars’ programme is our way of saying thank you to millions of customers who have chosen us to meet their entertainment needs. Through our initiative, BookMyShow wants to keep giving them more value, every time they transact with us.

Marzdi Kalianiwala

Who are Superstars?

As the name suggests, these are the base of our most loyal customers. We are grateful for your commitment and wish to offer a few exclusive benefits — details below.

From a design standpoint, we tried a different look for Superstars. The entire background of your profile looks different. A tiny little dashboard gives you a snapshot of your bookings. This section might undergo a few changes in the coming weeks as we dig older records. Oh! did you check out the new profile page? It’s cleaner, organized and scalable. If not, please update your app.

How do you become & stay a Superstar?

It’s really simple. If you have booked 10 bookings a year, you stay a Superstar. You can find answers to your most frequently asked questions here. (bottom of the page)

The way we tried to address this visually is by showing a nudge when the user crosses a particular threshold. You might start seeing this progress bar as you come close to becoming a Superstar.

Benefits of being a Superstar

  • A special app is built so that cinemas & live entertainment partners can publish offers and discounts to all or selected set of Superstars. These offers are then shown contextually in your discovery and booking journey. So if a regular user gets X% off, a Superstar can additionally get Y% discount.
  • We also recently launched a merchandising store where you can find cool, exclusive stuff to buy. The delivery is on us if you are a Superstar.
  • Our busy lives, traffic jams, “free cancellation” is a savior. Any movie booking can be canceled. Once every six months. One of the most promising features.
  • Priority support and assured 60 minutes resolution to all your queries. We’ve dedicated an important section of our customer care executives to resolve any grievances on priority for Superstars.

We make you feel special all the time

Few other touchpoints where Superstar branding exists to make you feel special and help you discover about offers that are available for you. Also, a small help for our ground operations, cinema, and other people involved identify you to be BookMyShow’s valuable customer.

This was so far one of the the biggest project done at BookMyShow in the recent time. With 70+ engineering folks, 4 QA, 2 product designers and one 2 Product Managers. Thanks to all for putting this together.

So go ahead and become a Superstar today. Stay tuned for more new features, perks, and benefits of becoming a superstar.